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Entrepreneurial Experience

Ron has been fortunate to experience work in Senior Management positions at two medium sized privately held companies.  One of which was sold to venture capitalists after it doubled in size in just 5 years.  For the past 15 years he has adapted his Fortune 500 experience to making mid-sized companies more profitable by managing cash flows, reducing costs, increasing sales and streamlining operations all to add to the bottom line.


Management & Operations 

Ron Davis has managed organizations of up to 300 members.  Recently he has spent 10 years supervising department managers in a $20 million operation including Sales and Service where he reduced headcount by automating processes.  Ron formulated a profit driven commission program emphasizing new customer development.  His experience is in a wide range of industries and his dealings with the Board of an international corporation helped him develop “The Buck Stops Here” plan to handle customer issues.


Proven Record 

On his own initiative, Ron eliminated the need for lines of credit to operate strictly on current cash flow at two companies.  Ron has since taught classes on Cash Management to Small Businesses.  His management of medical benefits program has kept annual increases below 3% for the last 5 years.  As Chairman of civic organizations, Ron have restored their financial status and he is currently in the process of raising $1.2 million for facility improvements..


 Career Track Highlights

Fortune 500 JC Penney, S&H Green Stamps, Fulton Prebon (international money brokerage firm), Abu Garcia Group (international accounting), General Manager with national manufacturer.

CFO - General Manager - Controller

Executive Management / P&L Responsibility

Banking & Customer Relations / Cash Flow Management

Bottom Line Profitability


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